About the CWTG

The Cornwall Wine Tasting Group was founded in 1989 (some of its founders are still active members). Over the years it has grown steadily and now has over seventy members. Potential members and guests are always welcome.

The Group's affairs are directed by an annually elected committee, currently made up of seven members. Chair. Treasurer and Secretary are the three elected offices. It's an informal organisation.

The CWTG runs a series of events throughout the year. Tastings are held  most months in Truro, each focusing on a specific theme. We aim to provide a balanced programme; varying the theme to cover a wide variety of countries, regions, grape varieties and styles of wine. Some tastings will focus on popular styles; others aim to expand members' knowledge by featuring lesser known regions or more challenging wine styles.

At tastings members are encouraged to share their impressions of the wines tasted (but no one has to contribute : it's fine to keep your thoughts to yourself!) Full details of the wines tasted are provided, so that those attending are able subsequently to source new discoveries.

Occasionally events are held in other venues, or outside speakers are invited to present a tasting. In addition, purely social (but inevitably wine-related) events are held each year. There is an post-Christmas Annual Dinner and an al fresco gathering in the summer.

The programme is completed by occasional tastings of fine wines. Rather more expensive and held in smaller venues, these tastings provide members with an opportunity to sample wines that are difficult - or very expensive - to obtain.