The Singapour – June 2022

20 hours 47 minutes ago
Richard's round-up of what's being poured in Singapore. Stop reading this immediately and go and buy some 1970 Dow's vintage port. Done that? Then we can begin. This month's selection includes 22 tasting notes taken during a weekend of masterclasses that Jancis kindly hosted at 67 Pall Mall Singapore, as pictured above. One of these featured
Richard Hemming MW

Dijon – much more than mustard

20 hours 49 minutes ago
30 June 2022 We republish this useful guide in our Throwback Thursday series, for wine lovers descending on Burgundy this summer – and because we have been missing Matthew. 26 October 2021 As the OIV announce they are moving their HQ from Paris to Dijon, Dijon resident Matthew Hayes urges us to bypass Beaune and consider a stay in Burgundy's
Matthew Hayes

German wines – guide to our coverage in 2022

1 day 20 hours ago
We'll keep adding to this… Above is the 2021 harvest on the Kellers' parcel on the 73% slope of Nierstein's Pettenthal vineyard, described by Klaus Peter Keller as 'mountain climbing with grapes', a reminder of how labour-intensive German viticulture can be. We're proud of paying so much attention to German wine, thanks to our previous German

Barbaresco 2019 – another great vintage?

1 day 20 hours ago
Another excitingly elegant vintage from Barbaresco, seen above from Ovello. In the last couple of months I tasted my way through quite a few 2019 Barbaresco samples that were so good that it seems 2019 could be in the same league as the outstanding 2010 and 2016 vintages. It would make it the third outstanding vintage within a decade, but can
Walter Speller

WWC22 – theme and rules

1 day 21 hours ago
29 June 2022 Many thanks for the entries so far received. Tomorrow is the deadline for submissions! See also our recent announcement that the winner will not only be published but also mentored. 2 June 2022 We announced the prizes for this year's competition. 12 May 2022 We're republishing this today to remind anyone who missed the original
Jancis Robinson

Anchorage for wine drinkers

2 days 20 hours ago
Head to Alaska immediately… Six weeks a year is a small window for perfect weather. Visiting Alaska in the second half of June and throughout the month of July is the one guarantee of sunny skies and calmer seas. August or September can be beautiful, but autumn winds and cooling rains often start this early. May might be lovely, but there could
Elaine Chukan Brown

Rosé, not just for summer

2 days 20 hours ago
Find a rosé to drink this summer... While the cliché that rosé is a summer wine routinely irritates me, I have to submit that the machina colossus of marketing and general perception that this is the purpose and end-point of rosé means that it is still, in the minds of most, a beverage of frivolous disregard. It doesn't help that so many
Tamlyn Currin

A rich array of winners

3 days 20 hours ago
The first tranche of 2022 Golden Vines diversity and inclusion scholarships has just been announced. This year four brand-new awards have been added to the suite of initiatives funded by the Gérard Basset Foundation: four Dom Pérignon Golden Vines MW and MS Scholarships. Each is worth £12,500, and will cover the full costs of tuition, tastings
Jancis Robinson

A trio of Burgundian (relative) newcomers

3 days 20 hours ago
The latest offerings from Chapelle de Blagny, Mark Haisma and Dom Berthaut-Gerbet. See also this guide to our coverage of 2020 burgundy. Chapelle de Blagny, Blagny Etienne de Brechard and his naughty heavy bottles (he brought it up, not me) have been surveying the Sâone plain from his hilltop manor in Blagny (pictured below) since 2012
Matthew Hayes