Recent Tastings


February Fine Wine Tasting - Great Wines of Languedoc-Roussillon 

19th February - 'What Wines Are The French Drinking?'

3rd March - 'The Great Wines of Languedoc-Roussillon' (Fine Wine)

13th March - AGM/Blind Tasting

15th April - New Zealand Wine

15th May - Members' Evening (Personal favourites)

17th June - Terroir & Traceability (Mark Hellyar, Winemaker, Ch. Civrac)

18th July - Italian Wines (Alfresco Evening at Trelissick)

8th September - Northertn Rhone 

16th September - Chile and Argentina

3rd October - Burgundy Côte d'Or/Dom. Rousseau vertical (Fine Wine)

16th October - Pinot Noir Worldwide

11th November - Decanter Award Winning Wines

11th December - Fortified & Dessert Wines from Europe


2009 -

February 10th - Wines From Slovenia

March 19th - 'More Gems From A Private Cellar' (Fine Wine, mainly classed-growth Bordeaux)

April 21st - AGM/Blind Tasting

May 14th - (Ex) Chairman's Choice (Quality wines from around the world)

June 16th - Sicilian Wine

July 17th - Celebration Wines (Alfresco Evening at Truro School)

September 17th  - Matching Wine with Difficult Foods

October 20th - Trophy Winning Wines

November 6th - The 10 Beaujolais Crus (Fine Wine)

November 19th - Call My Wine Bluff (Blind tasting)

December 15th - Members' Christmas Wines



February 18th - Portuguese Wine

March 16th - AGM/Blind Tasting

April 15th - Wine With Chocolate

May 20th - Australian Wine Regions

June 15th - Burgundy/Bordeaux Vertical

July 16th - Wines From The Americas (Al Fresco Evening at Truro Prep)

September 7th - Riesling And Merlot

October 19th - Gordon Lawrence, Sommelier at Fifteen Cornwall (Northern Italian Wines)

November 5th - Ch. Langoa-Barton Vertical (Fine Wine)

November 18th - Southern Rhône

December 14th - Port


February 15th - California

March 4th - Bordeaux Right Bank (Fine Wine)

March 24th - AGM/Blind Tasting

April 12th - New Wave Spain

May 19th - Marks & Spencer Wine

June 24th - Wines For Drinking Outdoors (Alfresco Evening at Polgwynne)

July 19th - South African Wine 

September 16th - English Wines

October 18th - Members' Holiday Finds

November 11th - Italian Classics: Piedmont and Tuscany (Fine Wine)

November 17th - Independent Wine Merchant (Jamie Tonkin, Old chapel Cellars)

December 13th - Expensive Wine - Is It Worth It? 


February 16th - Traditional and Unusual Italian Wines

March 13th - AGM/Blind Tasting

April 19th - Sherry

May 15th - Chenin Blanc & Cabernet Franc

June 15th - Wines from the Empire (Af Fresco Tasting at Polgwynne)

September 4th - Wines of the Eastern Mediterranean

October 4th - A Way in to Burgundy (Nigel Logan, Wine in Cornwall)

November 6th - Argentina

November 23rd - Margaux (Fine Wine)

December 20th - Big Reds 



February 12th - Torres (Marta, from Torres)

March 12th - AGM/Blind Tasting

April 11th - Austrian Wine

April 26th - Northern Rhône (Fine Wine)

May 21st - The Loire

June 13th - Visit to Knightor Winery

July 12th - Southern Hemisphere (Al Fresco Evening at The Old Vicarage)

September 12th - Majestic Italian Wines (Sarah Coles-Parry from Majestic) 

October 4th - World-Class Pinot Noir (Fine Wine)

October 15th - Sangiovese

November 14th - Award Winning Wines

December 12th - Douro/Duero Valley 



February 13th - France's Orphan Wines (Muscadet and Beaujolais) 

March 13th - AGM/Blind Tasting 

April 8th - Chilean Wine: New Directions 

April 25th - California (Fine Wine) 

May 13th - Members' Evening: Wine and Cheese Matching 

June 19th - South Africa Plus (Julia Child from Enotria Wines) 

July 18th - Organic Wines (Al Fresco Evening at Penrose Water Gardens) 

September - Spain (Fine Wine Tasting)

September 22nd - Damon Little, Sommelier (from Restaurant Nathan Outlaw)

October 16th - Germany

November 18th - 25 Years - Celebratory Tasting of French Classics 

December 16th - Unusual Grape Varieties 



February 17th - Wines From Southern Italy

March 12th - AGM/Blind Tasting 

April 7th - Minerality in Wine 

April - Chateau Musar Vertical (Fine Wine Tasting)

May 14th - Syrah/Shiraz 

June 9th - Natural Wines 

July 17th - Southern France ( Al Fresco Evening at Penrose Water Gardens) 

September 17th -  New Zealand

October 20th - Gordon Lawrence, Somellier 

November 19th - Cool Australia 

November - Southern Rhone (Fine Wine Tasting)

December 11th - Sparkling Wine 



February 23rd - Up and Coming Spanish Regions 

March 23rd - AGM/Blind Tasting 

April 14th - Cornishman in Bordeaux (Mark Hellyer, Chateau Civrac) 

April - Fine Burgundy (Fine Wine Tasting)

May 12th - Viognier and Grenache 

June 17th - New World Wines (Al Fresco Evening at Polgwynne) 

July 19th - Bordeaux Blends Worldwide 

September 8th - Northern Rhone 

October - Muga (Fine Wine Tasting)

October 13th - Catalan Wines

November 10th - An Italian Journey 

December 13th - Members' Evening: Wine & Food Matching 



February 16th -  Provence

March 14th - AGM/Blind Tasting 

April 6th - Brunello di Montalcino

May - Bordeaux 2004 (Fine Wine Tasting)

May 18th - Wines From Waitrose (Steve Millican, Waitrose Exeter)  

June 15th - New World Benchmarks 

July 21st - Mediterranean Wines (Al Fresco Evening at Falmouth)

October 12th - Wines from (Re)Emerging Regions  

November 14th - Wines of the Alentejo 

December - Great Italian Reds : The Other Regions (Fine Wine Tasting)

December 12th - Pinot Noir 



February 15th - French Fizz 

March 15th - AGM/Blind Tasting 

April - Amarone (Fine Wine Tasting)

April 19th - Volcanic Wines 

May 17th - Alsace 

June 16th - Steven Spurrier - Fine Burgundy 

July 13th - Spain (Al Fresco evening at Polgwynne) 

August 16th - South West France 

October - Provence (Fine Wine Tasting)

October 18th - Supermarket Champions 

November 15th - Independent Wine Merchant (Jamie Tonkin, Old Chapel Cellars) 

December 13th - Members' Evening (Wine and Food Matching) 



February 21st - Mature Wines

March 21st - AGM/Blind Tasting

April - Great Australian Shiraz (Fine Wine Tasting)

April 25th - High Altitude Argentina 

May 23rd -  Eastern Mediterranean Wines

June 20th - Biodynamic Wine 

July 26th - Italy (Al Fresco Evening at Epiphany House) 

August 22nd - Cabernet Sauvignon 

October 18th - Elly Owen, Sommelier 

November 14th - Cool Climate South African Wine 

November - Priorat (Fine Wine Tasting)

December 10th - Members' Evening (Wine and Food Matching) 



February 21st - Eastern European Wines




July 30th - Escaping Lockdown Destination Wines (Al Fresco evening at Polgwynne)

August 20th - Fine Tuscan Sangiovese (Fine Wine Tasting)

October 12th - AGM/Blind Tasting

November 9th - Northern Rhone

December 14th - Celebrity Wines



March 23rd - Tempranillo Worldwide

April 27th - Loire

May 24th - Value In Wine

June 22nd - Summer Garden Party Wines (Al Fresco Evening at Potager Garden)